Integration training / Kotokoulutus

Integration training / Kotokoulutus

The first Towards University integration training programme will begin in the autumn of 2023. (A second course starts in January.) The training lasts at least one academic year and includes at least 40 credits. In some cases, the training can last two academic years and have a maximum of 80 credits.

The purpose of the training: The purpose of the training is to strengthen the social inclusion of immigrants and to help educated immigrants find employment in expert positions and/or receive additional training at Finnish universities.

Duration of the first training: 14 August 2023 – 20 June 2024

Content of the training: Intensive study of the Finnish language, skills for working life, social skills, on-the-job learning and other studies that support integration. The programme includes comprehensive study guidance support throughout the training.

Costs: The training is free for students in the integration period. It requires full-time study.

For whom?: Adult immigrants who have completed upper secondary or higher education and who have moved to Finland within the past two years can participate in the training. The training is suitable for students with strong study skills and good language learning ability. It is good to have mastered the basics of the Finnish language.

To apply and for more information in Finnish and in English: 

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Minna Aitola FM,VTM

Maahanmuuttajakoulutusten vastaava opettaja/
Teacher responsible for Immigrant Education

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